Innovative Concealment: The Evolution of Alien Gear Holsters

In the sector of hid convey, one component is positive: the holster you choose could make all the distinction. For years, gun fanatics have been on the hunt for the proper holster – one that combines comfort, protection, and simplicity of use. Enter Alien Gear Holsters, an employer that has been at the vanguard of innovation inside the holster enterprise. In this article, we will discover the evolution of Alien Gear Holsters, from its humble beginnings to its present-day status as a pacesetter inside the hidden convey market.

The Birth of Alien Gear Holsters

Alien Gear Holsters was based in 2013 via Thomas Tedder, a passionate firearm enthusiast who recognized the need for a holster that would offer each consolation and capability. Tedder’s adventure commenced with an easy concept: to create a holster that felt like second pores and skin while securely conserving a firearm. This idea could quickly evolve into the Alien Gear emblem we realize nowadays.

The Holster Revolution

One of the important thing elements that set Alien Gear Holsters other from the opposition was its commitment to innovation. The organization’s first leap forward came with the creation of the Cloak Tuck, a line of inner-the-waistband (IWB) holsters designed for optimum concealment. These holsters featured a neoprene backing that provided exceptional consolation, making it smooth for gun owners to carry hid for extended durations.

But Alien Gear turned into now not content to rest on its laurels. The employer endured pushing the envelope with new designs and substances, ultimately leading to the creation of the Cloak Series, which incorporates the Cloak Slide OWB holster and the Cloak Chest Holster for outside lovers. These holsters provided versatility and simplicity of use, catering to a huge variety of alternatives.

The ShapeShift System

In 2017, Alien Gear Holsters added a sport-converting product: the ShapeShift Modular Holster System. This progressive gadget allowed gun proprietors to convert their holsters into extraordinary configurations to healthy diverse styles. The ShapeShift System became a progressive step forward in holster design, supplying unprecedented customization alternatives.

The ShapeShift Core Carry Pack blanketed diverse modules like IWB, OWB, appendix carry, and greater, all like-minded with a single holster shell. This meant that a gun proprietor should transition from concealed bring to open deliver or change their convey position with no trouble. The ShapeShift System’s short and device-free customization alternatives garnered giant acclaim from the concealed carry network.

Comfort and Security

One of the cornerstones of Alien Gear Holsters’ success has been its commitment to balancing consolation and security. The corporation is familiar with that a holster’s number one feature is to safely hold a firearm, however, it additionally acknowledges the significance of creating it comfortable for the wearer.

To attain this balance, Alien Gear utilizes materials like neoprene, CoolVent™ neoprene, and soft, breathable backings of their holsters. These substances are designed to lessen friction towards the pores and skin, prevent moisture buildup, and make certain that carrying a firearm will become a hassle-unfastened experience.

In terms of protection, Alien Gear employs adjustable retention shells and locking mechanisms to preserve firearms in location. This guarantees that the weapon may not by chance dislodge from the holster even as being carried, offering peace of thoughts for gun owners.

User-Centric Approach

One of the hallmarks of Alien Gear Holsters is its commitment to being attentive to its customers. The business enterprise actively seeks remarks and pointers from the bring network and uses this entry to power product development. This person-centric technique has brought about continuous upgrades and improvements in Alien Gear’s holster designs.

Alien Gear also gives a generous 30-day trial duration and a lifetime warranty on their merchandise, which speaks to their self-belief in the high quality and durability of their holsters. This customer-focused philosophy has earned them a faithful following of satisfied gun owners.

Safety First

Alien Gear Holsters locations a sturdy emphasis on firearm protection. They sell responsible gun ownership and convey practices through educational content material on their website and social media structures. By providing sources and steering, Alien Gear helps gun owners make informed decisions approximately their holsters and bring strategies.

In addition to safety training, Alien Gear advocates for the use of the right education and certification in firearm handling. They recognize that a holster is just one aspect of accountability hid bring and encourage gun owners to prioritize schooling and exercise.


The evolution of Alien Gear Holsters from a small startup to a main innovator within the hidden carry industry is a testament to their commitment to excellence. Their determination to consolation, security, and personal customization has revolutionized the manner gun owners carry their firearms.

As Alien Gear Holsters continues to develop and innovate, it’s clear that they’re not content material with the popularity quo. They will certainly keep pushing the limits of holster design, making concealed carry more secure and more snug for gun enthusiasts around the sector. Whether you are a seasoned hid carrier or a newcomer to the sector of firearms, Alien Gear Holsters offers an answer that caters in your needs, making sure that you carry with self-belief and luxury.


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